About The Watson

In an undisclosed location in Cuyahoga Falls lies the Watson. A small private speakeasy that will wisk you back to Gilded Age of the late 1800's.  In addition to being pre prohibition, this was a time of great innovation. over 500,000 patents were issues for inventions between 1860 and 1890. Tens times more than the previous 70 years combined. One of the most profound inventions was the phone. On March 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call to his partner, Thomas Watson with the line " Mr. Watson, come here I need to see you".  Ohio would later be known as home to a significant number of famous inventors and inventions.  

The Watson pays homage to these creative men and women and embraces ingenuity with how we craft and serve out cocktails.  " Come to the Watson, we need to see you." 

Cocktails ReInvented.